Mother Nature is the Best Formula.

ReaLife brings you premium proteins sourced from one of the cleanest countries in the world - NEW ZEALAND.
Dedicated to cats and dogs of all breeds and life stages, Vitakraft® ReaLife dry food is sure to meet the needs of your pet with its delicious, healthy goodness. Non-GMO, Sugar-Free and Grain-Free.

Image showing Red
Joint Health

Contains powerful antioxidants, which may support joints and blood vessels. The natural ingredient, potassium, sodium and magnesium are building blocks for heart health.

Image showing Orange
Eye & Skin Health

Rich in beta-carotense, Vitamin A, lutein and botin, which are an excellent source of antioxidants. They help for a healthy skin coat and eye health.

Image showing Yellow
Digestive Health

Studies suggest that these yellow superfoods contain bountiful nutrients that help in digestion, heart, health, vision and immunity. They are known to contain carotenoids and flavonoids that may deliver antioxidant activities.

Image showing Green
Energy Health

Usually high in protein content, which may promote energy health. The green colour is caused by natural chlorophyll, which main ingredients are iron and magnesium.

Image showing Purple
Immunity Health

May promote health by improving the absorption of nutrients to strengthen the body. Anthocyanin gives the fruits and vegetables their purple hue and may promote heart health and immunity.

Premium, Novel Proteins

ReaLife uses premium, novel proteins that are caught from the wild or from expertly raised free-range animals so our proteins are free of harmful GMOs and antibiotics. There is no rendered meats or by-product animal meats.

Did you know?

Veterinary nutritionists have affirmed that it is more important to evaluate the source and quality of proteins than to look solely at the percentage of proteins in a food.